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    Wy precision produce miniature ball screw with high precision

    Wy precision produce miniature ball screw with high precision, low noise, good wear resistance. We
    have a full set of professional production equipment and matching precision testing equipment including
    internal thread grinder, external thread grinder,cylindrical grinder, turning&milling complex center,
    machining center, projector, dynamic measuring instrument, etc. We focus on producing miniature
    ball screw,custom ball screw,high speed ball screw, and bi-directional thread ball screw pair,as well as
    precision sliding lead screws.
    The ball screw minimum diameter can be 4mm.Ball screw accuracy grade:C3, C5 or C7.We can produce
    the nut according to customer’s application requirements.Both plastic and metal deflector are available.
    Metal deflector ball screw is often used to meet the application requirements of high temperature and
    corrosion resistance.It can greatly improve the ball screw’s service life, stability and smoothness.
    Our standard ball screw models are available in moderate amount of inventory, can be shipped in time.
    Custom ballnut are available upon request.The diameter of the precision miniature ball screw is from
    φ4-φ32mm, including 0401, 0601, 0602, 0801, 0802.5, 1002, 1002.5, 1003, 1004, 1202, 1202.5, 1203,
    1204, 1205, 1210,1602, 1603, 2002, 2003, 3202, 3203, etc. Our products are widely used in CNC machine

    tools, semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, medical equipment, petroleum machinery,
    precision measuring instruments, mechanical arm, laboratory equipment, aerospace, printing machinery,
    pharmaceutical packaging machinery, energy enterprises, beverage machinery, food machinery and
    other fields.
    Adhering to the “professional, honest, efficient” business philosophy, we are determined to provide
    customers with the best products and best service.

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