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    • Self-locking condition of ball screw thread is introduced

      The ball screw is composed of screw, nut, steel ball, preload plate, reverse device and dustproof device.Its function is to turn rotating motion into linear motion, ball screw is the tool machinery and machinery often used drive components, it has the characteristics of reversibility, high precis...
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    • Phase characteristics of screw, guide and spline

      The screw rod, guide rail and spline have the guiding function of sliding bearing and are applied in many fields due to their moderate hardness. It is due to the ordinary linear screw, guide rail, spline and linear bearing point contact, so the ordinary linear screw, guide rail, spline surface ha...
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    • Introduction to ball screw and grinding screw

      1. Introduction to the ball screw of the transition stage The production of HIWIN grade ball screw (ball screw) is different from that of grinding grade.Compared with the traditional guide screw, the grade ball screw not only has the advantages of low friction and smooth operation, but also can b...
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    • Noise analysis of silver ball screw

      Ball screw is the most commonly used driving element in tool machinery and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotating motion into linear motion, or to convert torque into axial repeated force, which is characterized by high precision, reversibility and high efficiency.Ball scre...
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    • How is the ball screw assembled

      Ball screw is a kind of compact machine parts, so in the use of, only from many aspects of the strict attention, to ensure its normal use, and ensure its service life.Here, we understand the ball screw use considerations. First, before use, the lubrication state of the screw should be very good c...
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    • HIWIN ball screw linear guide ball spline element

      In fact, these two years of ball screw linear guide rail ball spline component enterprise transformation and upgrading is ramming, the automation process is speeding up.Recently, big bits of information with China southern district 500 ball screw linear guide ball spline element made enterprise a...
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    • Shaft end of ball screw is introduced

      Ball screw pair as a precise, efficient, sensitive transmission components, in addition to the use of high precision screw, nuts and ball, but also should pay attention to the selection of high axial stiffness, friction torque, high operating accuracy of the bearing. Ball screw is the most common...
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    • Notes for use of ball screws

      1. Prevent corrosion.When taking straight line guide directly by hand, the sweat on the hands should be fully washed off, and coated with high-quality mineral oil before operation, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay attention to rust prevention. 2. Keep the environment clean.Keep th...
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    • The difference between ball screw and trapezoid screw

      Ball screw, ball screw, ball screw three names in the national standard only a formal name – ball screw pair, ball screw pair also known as ball screw pair, ball screw pair. The difference between ball screw and trapezoid screw.The inner circulation of the screw adopts the circulation reali...
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    • Grinding and rolling of ball screw for positioning accuracy

      Repeated positioning accuracy of ball screw: position any 1 point (as the reference measuring point) in the same direction and measure the position.Make 7 measurements to the measuring point and get the maximum difference.The ± symbol is added before 1/2 of the obtained maximum value, and the val...
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    • Ball screw nut pre-tightening adjustment?

      1. Use the external thread of one nut to adjust the relative axial position of the two nuts through the round nut to achieve pretightening. 2. A gear with a gear number difference of 1 is cut out on the flange of the two nuts, and the two gears are meshed with the corresponding inner ring at both...
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    • Ball screw innovation drives the rapid development of manufacturing industry

      Recently held in the equipment manufacturing industry development on the BBS, ball screw, henan of relevant experts and the industry “to build the core technology innovation system, enhance the level of the equipment manufacturing industry” this one theme Suggestions also has referenc...
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