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    The features of miniature ball screws

    Brief introduction of Precision Miniature Ball Screw

    Precision Miniature  ball screw  assemblies are conventionally  understood to

    be systems with  a nominal diameter of  16mm or less. Their  miniaturized nut

    geometries are  achieved through the  use of optimized  recirculation systems

    with  very  small  balls.These  ball  screws  are usually   not preloaded   or only

    slightly  preloaded  to  ensure the  smoothest  possible  travel.  Miniature  Ball

    Screw is normally used in high precision equipments and apparatus.

    We developed  a  special metal  deflector to  replace the  plastic deflector.The

    metal deflector  can improve the  serving life, stability  and smoothness. If  the

    metal deflector is assembled together with the stainless steel screw shaft, nut

    and ball,  the miniature  ball  screw can  be used  in the  environment of  high-

    temperature and corrosion.

    Application of Miniature Ball Screw

    ◊ CNC machines: CNC machine centre, CNC turning machine, milling machine, EDM machines, grinding machine, wire

    cut EDM machine, CNC boring machine.

    ◊ Industrial equipment: printing equipment, automation machinery, textile machine, drawing machine, injection

    molding machine, paper processing equipment.

    ◊ Electronic machines: measuring robot, XY working table, medical equipment, SMT Equipment, semiconductor

    equipment, other automation equipments.

    ◊ Transport machinery: material handling equipment, elevated actuator.

    ◊ Others: antenna leg actuator, valve operator etc.

    Features of Miniature Ball Screws

    ● High mechanical efficiency

    Miniature ball Screws are fitted with steel Balls, providing rolling contact between the Nut and Screw Shaft,allowing  for mechanical

    efficiency of over 90% and reducing the required  Torque to less than one-third that of conventional Lead Screws. The design of  the

    Ball Screws also allows linear motion to be converted into rotary motion easily (Fig. 1).

    ● Axial play

    With conventional  Triangular and  Trapezoidal Screw  threads, reducing  the Axial play  increases the  rotational Torque  due to the

    sliding friction. Ball Screws, on the other hand, are very easily rotated, even without axial play.

    ● High precision

    WY Ball  Screws are  machined, assembled,  and  inspected using  the technology  of ultra-precision  shaft Screw  and Screw

    Gauge machining, under the temperature controlled room. High precision and accurate positioning ensure high reliability in use.

    ● Long service life

    The Ball  Screw movement  results in virtually  no wear,  as the rolling-contact  design, combined  with the use  of carefully  selected

    heat-treated materials, results in an extremely low friction. This is the reason that high precision can be kept over long period.

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