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    WY Precision Miniature Ball Screws


     WY Precision acquired many customer in Germany for our continuous technology innovation for miniature ball screw.


    Miniature Ball Screws are a very efficient way to translate rotary motion into linear motion versus lead screws that are typically less than 50% efficient. These high efficiency miniature metric precision ball screws are a very cost-effective solution for use in small or compact spaces. Ideal application are in medical devices, laboratory automation, and semiconductor equipment. We offer many types of Miniature Ball Screw Assemblies.

    An efficient and cost-effective solution in a small envelope, ideal for use in small spaces. Ball screw assemblies range from 4 to 14mm in diameter with leads from 1 to 20mm – all with standard lead accuracies of ±52μm/300mm.

    Components with smaller size enable designers to reduce the size and weight of their end product, resulting in products that are smaller, lighter and less expensive to produce. A smaller product will also reduce packaging and transportation cost, while lessening the overall environmental impact of the Equipment.

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    In particular, they add value in instruments for medical diagnostics, test and measurement equipment, and engraving and printing, as well as a broad range of fluid pumping and pick -and-place applications.


    Robotics and Pick & Place Equipment

    • Engraving, scanning and printing machines

    • Electronics manufacturing equipment

    • Medical surgery manipulators/robots

    • Manipulators for use in hazardous areas

    • Camera inspection equipment

    WY Precision provides custom sizes, finishes and

    Materials for engraving/printing machines to

    Deliver an optimized solution.


    Fluid Pumping

    • Medical infusion pumps

    • Industrial fluid pumps

    • Lubrication pumps

    • Syringe pumps

    Fluid pumps benefit from the smooth,

    Precise motion of WY Precision miniature



    Diagnostic and Life Science Instruments

    • Chemistry analyzers

    • Hematology instruments

    • Histology and microscopy instruments

    • Molecular biology instruments

    • Lab automation 

    Fluid handling machines can rely on WY Precision

    Miniature components for every axis of motion.


    Test and Measurement Equipment

    • Torque testers

    • Load and pull testers

    Cap tightening/inspection machines utilize a

    System of miniature WY Precision components that

    Have been engineered to work together,

    Reducing design time and overall time to market.



    Other Applications

    • Portable installations (eg bedside scanner)

    • Portable ventilators

    • Dosage equipment

    • Electronics manufacturing equipment

    • Inspection, scanning and printing equipment

    • Packaging and dispensing equipment

    • Aerospace and defense applications

    • Vending machines

    Post time: Aug-01-2019
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