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    How to Protect Ball Screw

    Ball screw pairs can be lubricated to improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency.Lubricants are divided into lubricating oils and greases.Lubricating oil: engine oil, no. 90 ~ 180 turbine oil or no. 140 spindle oil.Grease may be lithium based.The lubricating grease is added in the shell space of the thread raceway and the mounting nut, and the lubricating oil is injected into the nut space through the oil hole on the shell.

    Ball screw pairs and other rolling friction transmission components, as long as the abrasive particles and chemical active substances to avoid entering, it can be considered that these components are almost no wear and tear under the circumstances of work.However, if dirt falls into the raceway or dirty lubricating oil is used, it will not only hinder the normal operation of the ball, but also cause a sharp increase in wear.

    The nut pair is usually sealed by felt ring. The thickness of felt ring is 2 ~ 3 times of the pitch of the screw, and the inner hole is made into the shape of thread, so that it can tightly cover the screw screw and be loaded into the slot at both ends of the nut or sleeve.Sealing ring in addition to the use of soft felt, but also can use oil resistant rubber or nylon materials.Due to the direct contact between the sealing ring and the screw, the dustproof effect is better, but also increases the friction resistance moment of the ball screw nut pair.In order to avoid this friction resistance moment, the non-contact labyrinth sealing ring made of hard plastic can be used. The inner hole is made in the opposite shape of the screw thread raceway, and some clearance can be left.

    For the lead screw exposed in the outside, the general use of spiral rigid belt, telescopic sleeve, cone sleeve and folding plastic or artificial leather and other forms of protective cover, in order to prevent dust and abrasive particles adhered to the surface of the lead screw.In addition to being similar to the protective cover of the guide rail, one end of these protective covers is connected to the end face of the ball nut and the other end is fixed on the supporting seat of the ball screw.So you can make it a little bit stronger.

    Post time: Nov-27-2018
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