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    Ball screw type selection

    At present, the cost performance of ball screw pair has been quite high, there is no particularly large load requirements, the choice of ball screw pair, it has a relatively cheap price, high efficiency, wide range of precision, size standardization and convenient installation advantages.In the precision requirements are not too high, usually choose the cold rolling ball screw pair, in order to reduce the cost;Grinding or milling ball screw pairs should be selected when the precision requirement is high or the load exceeds the rated load of the maximum specification of cold-rolled screw.No matter what kind of ball screw pair, the size of nuts should be selected from the series specifications to reduce the cost and shorten the delivery time.
    Selection of precision level of ball screw:
    Ball screw vice when used for pure transmission, generally choose the “T” type (that is mentioned in the manual mechanical transmission), and its precision level general optional “T5″ class (cycle 1 silk deviation in the following), “T7 has” or “T10 level, within the scope of its general deviation there is no requirement (not considering the influence of processing temperature etc on schedule accuracy when, to facilitate processing).Therefore, the price is relatively low (” T7 “is recommended, and the price difference between the three levels is not large);For precision positioning transmission (with the positioning demand on the trip), is to choose “P” class (that is, the machinery mentioned in the manual orientation class), precision level in “P1″ and “P2″, “P3″, “P4″, “P5″ class (precision in turn reduce), including “P1″ and “P2″ class price is very expensive, commonly used in very precise machine tools or demanding situations, in most cases open loop used (not machine tool), and “P3″, “P4″ class most of the high precision machine tool, and the most widely, need very high precision generally equipped with grating, with relatively high precision open loop use is very good also,”P5″ USES most CNC machine tools and their transformation, such as CNC car, CNC milling, boring, CNC grinding and a variety of transmission mechanism with CNC device, can also be equipped with grating when necessary (because of “5″ level “any 300mm travel deviation is 0.023″, and the curve is smooth, in many practical cases, with grating effect is very good).

    Post time: Dec-26-2018
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