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    Ball screw nut pre-tightening adjustment?

    1. Use the external thread of one nut to adjust the relative axial position of the two nuts through the round nut to achieve pretightening.

    2. A gear with a gear number difference of 1 is cut out on the flange of the two nuts, and the two gears are meshed with the corresponding inner ring at both ends, and the inner ring is fastened on the nut seat with screws.By turning one of the nuts, the mutual position of the two nuts is changed to adjust the clearance and apply the pre-tightening force.The mechanism of this method is simple and reliable.Good rigidity, the most widely used.In the form of gasket between the double nuts can have a professional factory according to the user’s requirements to adjust the pre – tightening force, the use of loading and unloading is very convenient.

    3. Put the inner thread raceway of the nut on a circle in the middle to produce a lead mutation, so that the ball on the left and right ends will be in axial dislocation after assembly to achieve pre-tightening.The purpose of the ball screw nut pair to eliminate the axial clearance is to increase the pre-tightening to reduce the empty travel in the reverse direction, and to have no dead zone in the reverse direction.

    Post time: Dec-13-2019
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