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    Ball screw Applications to our Modern World Innovation

    All of machinery in this modern era uses Ballscrew as a transmission componentto make the machine operation less noise, accurate and efficiency.


    Below are list of machines that uses ballscrew:

    Special purpose machine
    Injection molding machine
    Electronic machinery
    CNC grinder
    Wire cutting machine
    Boring machine
    Milling machine
    Gear manufacturing machine
    Drilling machine
    Printing machine
    Paper-processing machine
    Automatic machine
    Textile machine
    Drawing machine
    Robot measuring instrument
    X-Y table, medical equipment
    Surface mounting device
    Semi-conductor equipment
    Factory automation equipment
    Transport machinery
    Material handling equipment
    Elevated actuator
    Aerospace industry
    Aircraft flaps
    CNC lathe
    CNC milling machine
    Thrust open-close reverser
    Airport loading equipment
    Fin actuator
    CNC machine center
    Antenna leg actuator
    Valve operator


    Post time: Jun-13-2019
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