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    11 key points of ball screw specification and model selection

    1. Determine positioning accuracy.
    2, through the motor and the speed requirements to determine the lead screw.
    3. Check the nut size to determine the stroke and related data of the screw shaft end.
    4. Determine the average axial force and speed by load and speed distribution (acceleration and deceleration).
    5. Determine the prepressure through the average axial force.
    6, life expectancy, axial load, speed to determine the dynamic load rating.
    7. Determine the outer diameter of the screw and the nut form by determining the basic dynamic rated load, lead distance, critical speed and DmN value limit.
    8. Determine rigidity of outer diameter, nut, preloading and load (machine design).
    9. Environmental temperature, total length of nuts to determine thermal change and cumulative lead.
    10. The screw is rigid and the thermal displacement determines the pretension.
    11. Determine the motor driving torque and specification with the maximum speed, temperature rise time and screw specifications of the machine tool.

    Post time: Dec-26-2018
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