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    • Bi-directional Ball Screws

      WY Precision is a proud manufacturing company that is capable of producing OEM and ODM Bi-directional Ball screw.Bi directional ball screws are suitable when you need to move two ball nuts in opposing directions via one motor screw arrangement. These assemblies consist of a high quality ground sc...
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    • WY Precision Miniature Ball Screws

       WY Precision acquired many customer in Germany for our continuous technology innovation for miniature ball screw.   Miniature Ball Screws are a very efficient way to translate rotary motion into linear motion versus lead screws that are typically less than 50% efficient. These high efficiency m...
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    • Ball Screw Actuator Diagram

      1. Lifting Screw – Standard with threaded end 2. Ball Nut -  Equipped with return tubes for continuous recirculation of the steel ball 3. Worm Gear -  Wear resistant. Accurately hobbed for greater gear contact. 4. Load Bearing – top and bottom to take loads in either direction. 5. Worm – availab...
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    • 38th Motek Exhibition at Stuttgart Germany – International Trade Fair For automation in production and assembly

        Motek is the World’s Leading Trade Fair. The international trade fair Motek, which takes place in Stuttgart from 07.10.2019 – 10.10.2019, is the world’s leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling tech...
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    • Commmon Material and Heat Treatment for Ball Screw

      Ball Screw Material: SAE 6150 Alloy Steel Heat Treatment: Induction Hardening Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth   Nut   Material: Aircraft Quality SAE 8620 Steel Heat Treatment: Carburized & Hardened Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth   Balls (Grade 25 or Better) M...
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    • Recirculation System and Attributes of Ball Screws

        One of the several component seen throughout factory automation applications are ball screws.Assembly uses the rotary motion of the screw to actuate the nut in a linear direction, the same concept seen with a bolt and nut. Recirculating steel balls along the screw groove within the nut wi...
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    • Ball screw Applications to our Modern World Innovation

      All of machinery in this modern era uses Ballscrew as a transmission componentto make the machine operation less noise, accurate and efficiency. Below are list of machines that uses ballscrew: Special purpose machine Injection molding machine Electronic machinery CNC EDM CNC grinder Wire cutting...
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    • Ballscrew Torque Application

      A motor’s continuous torque is determined by calculating the root mean square of all the torques. One of the most important factors is the required torque when sizing a motor. Motor torque-speed curves outline two primary areas of permissible torque: continuous and intermittent. Intermittent moto...
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    • Rolled Ballscrew VS Ground Ballscrew

      A grasp of the two distinct manufacturing processes used to fabricate these components is the key to understanding both the strengths and limitations of rolled and ground ball screws.The debate over which type of screw is best continues. While amount of travel and backlash are often cited as usef...
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    • Designing Linear Motion System

        Straight line is the shortest path between two points , but if you’re designing a linear-motion system, you’ll have to consider structural support, guides, drives, seals, lubrication, and accessories between points A and B. Building A Linear System literally means Starting fro...
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    • How does the Ball screw start?

      Many years ago, the primary mechanism for converting rotary motion to linear motion was the conventional lead screw (threaded shaft and nut) . It is very affordable to manufacture. In the 19th century,the first ball screw was discovered when some clever engineer arranged ball bearings inside the ...
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    • Internal circulation ball screw

      Ball screw pairs are circulated in two ways: internal circulation (represented by circular reverser and oval reverser) and external circulation (represented by intubation).These two structures are also the most commonly used.There is no essential difference between the performance of the two stru...
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