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    WY Precision Co.,Ltd,which specialized manufacturer of transmission components , We are a professional manufacturer specializing in linear motion products such as ball screw, ball screw nut, linear shaft, linear guide, linear stage, linear rail, linear rail block, shaft ends support block,etc. Worked with most of famous brand of ball-screw, Provide OEM & ODM service, customized manufacturer according with customer requirements.With staff member more than 300, factory area more than 6000 square meters, with more than 20 years experiences in design, produce in this field of transmission area.We are proud of possessing the most advanced technology and equipment in this field of ball screws.

    For now, we have CNC spinning machine imported from Germany, total tonnage 275 tons; and have high frequency, intermediate frequency, super audio quenching machine tool; Five-axis internal thread grinding center; also have a full set of inspection device, such as

    Interferómetro laser A.
    B. Duc Gallium Detector
    C. Profiler Maximum praecisione.
    D. Populus Novifacta Quotidiana
    R. Mors Principium universalis Microscopium inspectas
    F. Nocte Diei Metallographic Vesalius,
    G: TEGUMENTUM recta
    H duritiam TEGUMENTUM

    Transierunt autem ISO9001 et turba facta, MMVIII Quality Management System. Artifices arte cum internationalibus signa late in rhoncus machinatione printing machina, electrica ferro pharmaceuticals machinatione praecisione machina electrica dromonem, dui commentariis officio armorum apparatus Medic etc. Ob res qualis nostri products sunt plures domi customers abroad.Warmly grata customers toto orbe terrarum to visit officinas our et cooperante adepto win-vincere.

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